Friday, June 20, 2008

Taking The Jump:Music Video Friday 3

"Beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder;I've checked.There's nothing in there but veins and goo."
-Stephen Colbert.

I just found out two of my songs off my current playlist actually deal with suicide.Who da thunk it?The videos are so very different...

Anyway,Seether are a South African band(imagine that!) who have found international success with their own blend of modern rock.Off the 2007 album Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces,this is "Rise Above This"

Fun fact:They were formerly known as Saron Gas.Have a lovely weekend:)


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  2. are you serious? from SA? i have One seether song on my ipod, and its callled broken, featuring Amy lee from evenescence....and i have one suicide song..i think..Hold on, by Good gotta luv it!!

    and im firrrst!

  3. really? They play them at my gym...

  4. Nine baby youve been tagged!!!! the instructions are on my page!!