Friday, February 29, 2008

What Do I Call This?

"I believe that fun is a renewable resource"-Seaworld advert

Happy Leap Day!Hey,it only comes around every four years unlike some other holidays I could name.We're already two months into 2008.Damn,but time seems to fly these days.And I'm sill broke.Um,God,wasn't this year supposed to be ,you know,different from last year?I need money!And I'd prefer not to have to marry Britney Spears to get it,thank you.

Any ideas on how I can make fifty thousand US in ten weeks?That doesn't involve selling a kidney?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Talent shows

I'm listening to Kate Nash.Really grooving that Cockney accent.And I officially declare Foundations to be the official dysfunctional relationship song of this blog.At least until something better comes along.The way her characters....dig at each other in that song puts me in mind of every couple I've seen.

Was going to put a video up,but hey,that's what youtube is for:).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cookie Monster

I love Cookie Monster.I love his unabashed enjoyment of life.I love the purity of his passion,and the way he always seemed happy.
I marvel at his constitution,and wish I had his digestion.He's an icon of a less complicated time,and a reminder not to take things too seriously.One life,people.Live it.

Below is a clip of the great man....thing...whatever,there's a Cookie Monster interview below.Cookie!!!!

Maybe next time I'll talk about Miss Piggy.Now there's a complicated character.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

That Calms the Savage Beast

Joshua Kadison - Jessie.Lovely song.
Thank you Boorish.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Falling in love is free

Most boring Grammy Awards since forever.When the most memorable performance is that by Josh Groban (yeah,who) and an opera singer,you got issues.Hope the Oscars are better.'Nuff said.

Came across two articles about the relationship between romance and finance.Thought it was pertinent,particularly this week.First one's an amusing insight into how men and women think.See it here

The second is a sobering look at the financial costs of serious dating.Consider,forty thousand dollars and two and a half years is the average cost and duration of a courtship leading to marriage.That's sixteen thousand dollars a year.And it isn't spread out.Let me try and itemize it over a two and half year period.(Note,this is in the US)

Chocolates and candy-$186.70
Eating out-$8000.00
Valentine's Day-$620.22
Engagement ring-$4225.00


And that's for one that leads to marriage.Thank you, Businessweek .Better go look for a buyer for that left kidney guys.Whoever said no romance without finance sure wasn't kidding.Don't believe me?Take a look at the links yourself.

Anyone wishing for simpler times?Well,you can't have them.Happy Val's Day y'all.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Act 1:US Presidential Primaries

Anyone else watching the prime time drama that is the US presidential race?Break out the popcorn people!We're still in the first half,and this show has produced more drama than any episode of Secrets of the Sands(which I maintain was the best imported soap on NTA).Stirring speeches,whispered allegations,hair breadth wins and dramatic comebacks.It's just fantastic!

In the Red corner the Republican race is all but done(mixed metaphors,I know).John McCain has gone from too broke to pay his campaign staff to presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.The millionaire Mitt Romney,having spent over $30 million of his own money to not much effect has decided to call it a day.The Good Ol Boy and the Angry Rebel (Huckabee and Paul,respectively) are too marginal to garner mainstream appeal.But the heir still faces grumbles within his own party of being too like the other side.Will they stab him in the back?Or just undermine him by doing nothing in the face of the Blue Menace?

In the Blue corner,She Who Must Not Be Named(hereafter known as SWMNBN) and The Plucky Upstart are neck and neck for their party's nomination.Having muscled The Fine Boy out,both sides are now digging in for an even more protracted campaign while casting worried eyes over at the goings on in the Red corner.Who will win?Who will lose?And who will end up bankrupt?Who will survive to engage the Red Terror?

Stay tuned for the thrills,the chills and the commercials for Gatorade.This shit just doesn't get old:D