Monday, June 16, 2008

And On the Third Day....

Everybody likes to dance to a happy song
~Weezer,"Pork and Beans",2008

Just spent my entire weekend babysitting my computer which died last week.Two days,multiple system recoveries,two Windows installations and one hard drive format later,my computer is back online.Hallelujah!

In celebration,I present a Soulja Boy/MC Hammer medley by the good inmates of the CPDRC.Now if you'll excuse me,I'm off to listen to some happy music:)


  1. lol @ the father quotes esp the "provider for all and the enemy of all". that's not true jo.

    what befell ur PC? i didnt really understand the computer lingo u wrote.

    thanx for the words of advice (or is it advise) over at mine.

  2. lol HILARITY as in the inmates soulja boying!!lol

    blogville idol 08 is coming soon and its going to be fun!check out my page for more details

  3. @Smaragd
    It's not true ALL the time,true.But.There IS a reason why mothers often threaten to "report" their kids to Daddy.

    My PC?To be honest,I still don't know what befell it either,which is why it took so long to fix.Now it's fine;let's just hope it stays that way....

    Oh,and you're welcome:)

    @blogville idol
    Glad you liked it.