Sunday, August 3, 2008

Music Video Friday 6:I wish I wasn't late

Johnny was a chemist,
Now Johnny is no more,
Because what he thought was H20,
Was H2SO4.

I love power ballads.In fact,I love anything that gives me an excuse to hear electric guitars and violins in the same song.So when you take a metal band and throw them together with a symphony orchestra,you have my attention.Throw in a trained operatic soprano and you have my new favorite band.

For some reason they don't have too many videos,but I found this one;also happens to be one of my favorites.This is I Wish I Had An Angel by Nightwish.

PS Am I the only one who thinks the male singer's beard is ridiculous?


  1. lmao..the beard looks like a goats own...hahahaha

  2. I like the concept, not yet in love with the song per se...

    (Afro, how come you're always the first here? :))

  3. @afro
    Good to see at least one person agrees with me:)

    @ms sula
    Maybe it's an acquired taste.Their songs give ME chills...