Monday, September 1, 2008


"Why so serious?"
-Heath Ledger,"The Dark Knight",2008

A friend forwarded this to me so I thought I'd share:)

A rolling stone ...... na person push am.
A stitch in time...... dey prevent further tear tear.
Birds of the same the same mama born dem.
One good power steering be that.
A bird in christmas chicken be that.
He who laughs mumu. Why him no catch the joke the first time?
The patient hunger go kill am.


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  2. first!!!...
    lmao @ he who laughs

  3. lma @ he who laughs real mumu...hahahahahha

  4. "He who laughs mumu. Why him no catch the joke the first time?" i find dis joke funny every time, i dunno y

  5. Are you saying you understand pidgin?

  6. @shonavixen
    Give the lady a cookie :)

    @afrobabe & florida
    I like the rolling stone one myself.It perfectly encapsulates the paranoia that informs church going by a lot of otherwise unreligious Nigerians:)

    Doesn't everyone?I thought at least a C was required in pidgin to pass WAEC:)

  7. lmao!! the mumu one is funny, but the one thats gettin me is.."one good power steering be that"..LOL! don't you just love pidgin? and as per C WAEC hmm, it's crucial to surviving as a nigerian mehn....crucial!

  8. LMAO. I dont speak Pidgin and it's sure not part of my WEC requirement. LOL

  9. @theicequeen
    Thank you,my sister

    Not part of your WAEC requirement?Re you sure you're Nigerian?