Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keeping Your Eye On The Ball(s)

I now have a new reason to laugh at guys using handsfree headsets.Let me quote the headline:

Cell Phone Use Linked to Male Infertility

Hands-Free Calls May Expose Sperm to Radiation

Apparently,cellphones slowly broil the little danglies in their skin,leading to reduced activity of their contents.This is especially the case for those using those irritating hands free sets,as they tend to park their precious phones next to the family jewels when the phones are at their most active.

So,remember,next time some yuppie wannabe gets on your nerves by yapping on his Bluetooth headset,console yourself by remembering that he is also doing this to his gonads:

And they say God is dead.
Original article:


  1. so what happens when people use the regular handsfree kits?

  2. @geishasong
    Let's test that out on someone:)