Monday, March 3, 2008

Heartbreakingly Funny

This,for some reason,is heartbreaking.Funny,but heartbreaking.Found it on a Val's Day issue at


  1. hullo............
    thanks for dropping by
    wetin funny dia?
    guy obviously dilly-dallied too long
    another "sharp" guy took his place

  2. did i miss something there? think i should go back and see if it makes any meanin so i can laugh.

  3. okay, this has nothing to do with this post...just a big nerdy thumb up for your blog descrip. M20 would be so proud.

  4. Thanks for your visit to my blog

  5. poor purple ninja. spent his time looking for flowers when 'action man' was doing the real job

  6. @Ibiluv
    Have a heart.The guy's blown cash and time and spiffed himself up,only to find that another guy had gotten in WAY ahead of him.Seen it happen.Witnessed the aftermath.NOT pretty.

    You obviously didn't play Street Fighter as a kid.That's M.Bison with his shirt off.

    I'm still thanking God they got back together.Matchbox twenty forever!

    You're welcome.

    At least someone gets it:)

    @overwhelmed naija babe
    It's just a graphic illustration of how too often girls prefer "bad boys"

    Yep,Action Jackson don do the job.That's how a lot of playboys are born;when they find that too often it doesn't pay to be nice.