Friday, March 28, 2008


Main Entry:1re·cy·cle Pronunciation:\(ˌ)rē-ˈsī-kəl\ Function:verb
transitive verb
1: to pass again through a series of changes or treatments: as a: to process (as liquid body waste, glass, or cans) in order to regain material for human use /b: recover /c: to reuse or make (a substance) available for reuse for biological activities through natural processes of biochemical degradation or modification.


Ever recycled eba?You know,the yellow(or white) end product of the reaction between garri and good old H2O?I have.In these days of environmental consciousness,I thought it was worthwhile to explore the possible alternative uses of left over eba.

Put eba in large bowl.
Add large amount of water.
Soak until done.
Hopefully someone will offer you something else to eat before then.
Scrounge for spare lumps of sugar (always a prized commodity).
Wait.If no fumes from bowl,
try first spoon.
Ensure no gagging(very important,you can't afford to waste).
Proceed to dig in,till hunger propitiated.
Save some for later:D

Joking?Well,the save some for later bit.Not the rest though:just one of several delicacies I was introduced to in boarding school.Believe me,several times I was hungry enough to try pretty much anything.Garri in all its flavours was a staple.Garri with sugar,garri with salt,garri with crayfish and pepper,garri with cabin biscuits,garri without (otherwise known as naked garri).During my boarding school years I drank enough garri to win medals.And I wasn't alone.Anybody eat anything worse?

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  1. lmao...this has got to be the best post I have read today....

    yeah I ate worse in boarding school...first soak garri in cold water and wait for it to solidify and swell ( so that ee go reach everyone) then make the soup...beginning of term the soup was a tin of geisha,water,pepper and whatever spices u could sneak into school....towards end of term soup comprised of ground crayfish (smelly by now)water,spices and pepper...put loads of pepper so ppl don't use too much soup!!!!

  2. lmao @ the original post and afrobabe's contribution!!!!...and i thought top ramen noodle (indomie equivalent) eating was bad...we would mix tuna in, if we were lucky and add lots of water so that when the noodles were finished, you could at least sip the water and fill your belly...if we couldn't afford the tuna, we would add the frozen vegetables in the freezer-but only one type-never more than one...we would need it for the next meal...

    ...great post...

  3. 9, I thot I had eaten it all in boarding school but Nna you top everything o. Recycled eba!? LOL.

    @Afro: You sef. You done it all.

    @GNaija: You mean you ate all that? LOL.

  4. Thanks for stopping by y'all.

    Tried that as well.We used to call that garri by a name that translates to "choke me":)

    Noodles?Ever eaten 'em raw?Or just soaked in cold water because there's no power to operate the hot plate?

    I once met someone who eats raw yam.He actually likes it....

  5. Ahn Ahn did i go to posh school?, bcos i never remembered going to these extents.. i ate bread and used paper and iron to toast it..and i ate noodles( actually with tuna or cornbeef sometimes) and use boiling ring or one iron like this, that used to shock me.. in metal bucket and cook everything...nice post, you have just made my day.