Friday, February 29, 2008

What Do I Call This?

"I believe that fun is a renewable resource"-Seaworld advert

Happy Leap Day!Hey,it only comes around every four years unlike some other holidays I could name.We're already two months into 2008.Damn,but time seems to fly these days.And I'm sill broke.Um,God,wasn't this year supposed to be ,you know,different from last year?I need money!And I'd prefer not to have to marry Britney Spears to get it,thank you.

Any ideas on how I can make fifty thousand US in ten weeks?That doesn't involve selling a kidney?


  1. umh.happy leap day.that means my age-mate is actually 6years old.50k in ten weeks?
    baby-sit 24/7
    lets do the maths.$30/hr for 24hrs,7 days a week,for 10 weeks will give $50,

  2. lemme go consult with my sources on how u can make that 50K in ten weeks...

  3. u will still have a spare kidney....


    mind me not.*wink*

  4. What's wrong with giving a kidney? You only need one...most of the time.