Sunday, April 6, 2008

You have been Rick Rolled!!!

This video just brings tears of laughter to my eyes.I'd heard about it,but words could not adequately convey it's awesomeness.I think I used to own the pair of shorts the black guy in the video is wearing.

I wish I'd found this before April 1st......

PS To view that link,you bring three minutes of time,a set of speakers and a sense of humor:)

Edit:For those having problems with that link,here's a Youtube link;it doesn't have the full effect of the first link,but it will play:)


  1. u r so so did u get my page running all over the place..I kept praying it would stay minimized till I was sure of where my boss was...

    This is my all time favorite mum played it everyday...

  2. Kai, I was there liking the song, not even knowing there was a catch somewhere...

  3. i think i'll check this out on (VOICE RAISES TO ANNOYING CHANT-WHINE)my iphone!!!

  4. I tried watching it but its not working.


    Nigeria is cool.

    Currently a fugitive.

    NYSC camp is a NO! NO!

  5. link has disappeared until 19 april, it says. pity

  6. @freaksho
    Annoying bugger,aren't you?Remind me to check for iPhone virii...

    The joys of serving your country :)

    Found an alternate link.Google rules!