Sunday, April 20, 2008

13 Is The Magic Number

Remember Missy Elliott singing about how she "don't want no one minute man"?Well,turns out the magic number is 13.As in 13 minutes.I shall make no further comment for fear of self-incrimination:)

Good sexual intercourse lasts minutes, not hours, therapists say

Satisfactory sexual intercourse for couples lasts from 3 to 13 minutes, contrary to popular fantasy about the need for hours of sexual activity, according to a survey of U.S. and Canadian sex therapists.

Penn State Erie researchers Eric Corty and Jenay Guardiani conducted a survey of 50 full members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, which include psychologists, physicians, social workers, marriage/family therapists and nurses who have collectively seen thousands of patients over several decades.

Thirty-four, or 68 percent, of the group responded and rated a range of time amounts for sexual intercourse, from penetration of the vagina by the penis until ejaculation, that they considered adequate, desirable, too short and too long.

The average therapists’ responses defined the ranges of intercourse activity times: "adequate," from 3-7 minutes; "desirable," from 7-13 minutes; "too short" from 1-2 minutes; and "too long" from 10-30 minutes.

"A man’s or woman’s interpretation of his or her sexual functioning as well as the partner’s relies on personal beliefs developed in part from society’s messages, formal and informal," the researchers said. “"Unfortunately, today’s popular culture has reinforced stereotypes about sexual activity. Many men and women seem to believe the fantasy model of large penises, rock-hard erections and all-night-long intercourse. "

Past research has found that a large percentage of men and women, who responded, wanted sex to last 30 minutes or longer.

"This seems a situation ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction," said lead author Eric Corty, associate professor of psychology. "With this survey, we hope to dispel such fantasies and encourage men and women with realistic data about acceptable sexual intercourse, thus preventing sexual disappointments and dysfunctions."

Corty and Guardiani, then-undergraduate student and now a University graduate, are publishing their findings in the May issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, but the article is currently available online.

The survey’s research also has implications for treatment of people with existing sexual problems.

"If a patient is concerned about how long intercourse should last, these data can help shift the patient away from a concern about physical disorders and to be initially treated with counseling, instead of medicine," Corty noted.


  1. Nine, i swear to God, you put posts like this up and it almost seems like you're looking for an excuse for...some thing...
    har har.

  2. Well, I have never been one for hours of meaningless (and unsatisfactory) pounding...

    Repeats of several ecstatic 13 minutes are much more welcome...

    Funny post! :)

  3. Funny thing is when sex lasts beyond certain minutes you start to dry up and wish the fool would come already!!!!!

    I wonder how sex workers do it...

  4. @freaksho
    Bros,wetin I do you now?Eh?Wetin u dey try talk?

    @Ms Sula
    Thank you.Freaksho,see,someone thinks I'm funny...

    I think they have technique.And a time limit.And KY jelly:)

  5. i beg, this post calls for too much self- incrimination. lets say i'm ready in 3 or 4, but can grit my teeth to last a few more minutes as women seem to take forever

  6. lol @ the post and @ the comments. =)
    So, the number is 13, eh? oya, bloggers, you guys need to time yourselves and report back as to whether 13 is indeed the number. I will be back to see Afrobabe's results...


  7. very educative post!lol

    lol @ afrobabe...d fool would come!lol

  8. totally with you on this post....a guy pumping for too long is a big turn off.....13 mins???will have to find out....*wink*

  9. @ Freaksho and the likes of you, one word: foreplay.

    No man can go on like a power tool all night long, and there is no woman who can take it. But then again, these are facts that reasonable people should know, but because of comments such as yours most people keep their opinions to themselves. Another stereotype that has been scientifically debunked so many times is the belief that size matters...

  10. @jinta
    Me,I claim the 5th

    Me too dey wait o.

    Really?I await the results of your study with bated breath.Write me if you need any help;)

    Freaksho's just ribbing me.No harm done.

  11. loool..the therapists are sexually repressed jare...13? couldnt they be more logical and just say 20? ;) loool