Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hiza Makura

Now this is sad.

Apparently, Hiza Makura translates to"Girlfriend Knee Pillow".

The marketer bills it as "a perfect replica of a mini-skirted pair of legs to give you comfort when you feel blue. Now you can lay your head in the lap of a beautiful and caring woman even if you're home alone."

The fact that someone would actually need to buy something like this....well,imagine how lonely he would have to be.Now stop imagining:it'll just depress you.I know it depressed me.


  1. na wa ooooooooo
    will it be as soft?
    and usually when u rest your head,the lady's hand accompanys her laps.....will this do the same????

  2. @ibiluv
    No hands on this pillow o.Apparently you only get the laps.The hands will probably be a different model.Lol.

    Hey,babe,where've you been?HOW have you been?I've missed you.

  3. Wow.. sum desperate stuvz o...!

  4. omg! that IS sad...lmao!

    faaaahbulous blog!