Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Falling in love is free

Most boring Grammy Awards since forever.When the most memorable performance is that by Josh Groban (yeah,who) and an opera singer,you got issues.Hope the Oscars are better.'Nuff said.

Came across two articles about the relationship between romance and finance.Thought it was pertinent,particularly this week.First one's an amusing insight into how men and women think.See it here

The second is a sobering look at the financial costs of serious dating.Consider,forty thousand dollars and two and a half years is the average cost and duration of a courtship leading to marriage.That's sixteen thousand dollars a year.And it isn't spread out.Let me try and itemize it over a two and half year period.(Note,this is in the US)

Chocolates and candy-$186.70
Eating out-$8000.00
Valentine's Day-$620.22
Engagement ring-$4225.00


And that's for one that leads to marriage.Thank you, Businessweek .Better go look for a buyer for that left kidney guys.Whoever said no romance without finance sure wasn't kidding.Don't believe me?Take a look at the links yourself.

Anyone wishing for simpler times?Well,you can't have them.Happy Val's Day y'all.


  1. pretty pessimistic I must say...

  2. Not pessimistic,just sober.Very sober.

  3. I agree its pretty pessimistic but also realistic.

    Now I really don't envy men.

  4. haha...intereting...that's a lot pent on chocolate and candy...although i think in my case, more money would be spent on the honeymoon...oh...that was based on the doesn't include costs for a traditional wedding...can you do the naija version?...

  5. intereting=interesting... s button i trying to ruin my life...

  6. oh my goodness... all i can say is, isn't it swell to be a female?