Thursday, February 7, 2008

Act 1:US Presidential Primaries

Anyone else watching the prime time drama that is the US presidential race?Break out the popcorn people!We're still in the first half,and this show has produced more drama than any episode of Secrets of the Sands(which I maintain was the best imported soap on NTA).Stirring speeches,whispered allegations,hair breadth wins and dramatic comebacks.It's just fantastic!

In the Red corner the Republican race is all but done(mixed metaphors,I know).John McCain has gone from too broke to pay his campaign staff to presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.The millionaire Mitt Romney,having spent over $30 million of his own money to not much effect has decided to call it a day.The Good Ol Boy and the Angry Rebel (Huckabee and Paul,respectively) are too marginal to garner mainstream appeal.But the heir still faces grumbles within his own party of being too like the other side.Will they stab him in the back?Or just undermine him by doing nothing in the face of the Blue Menace?

In the Blue corner,She Who Must Not Be Named(hereafter known as SWMNBN) and The Plucky Upstart are neck and neck for their party's nomination.Having muscled The Fine Boy out,both sides are now digging in for an even more protracted campaign while casting worried eyes over at the goings on in the Red corner.Who will win?Who will lose?And who will end up bankrupt?Who will survive to engage the Red Terror?

Stay tuned for the thrills,the chills and the commercials for Gatorade.This shit just doesn't get old:D


  1. Thanks for stopping by mine

    I am not following the elections closely but what I do know is that America needs to experience something extraordinary and this just might be it.

  2. It's such an exciting show...I wonder how the first season will end and how the second will begin.

  3. @Hengish
    You're welcome

    The first season should wind down in a month or so.Stock up on the popcorn:)