Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cookie Monster

I love Cookie Monster.I love his unabashed enjoyment of life.I love the purity of his passion,and the way he always seemed happy.
I marvel at his constitution,and wish I had his digestion.He's an icon of a less complicated time,and a reminder not to take things too seriously.One life,people.Live it.

Below is a clip of the great man....thing...whatever,there's a Cookie Monster interview below.Cookie!!!!

Maybe next time I'll talk about Miss Piggy.Now there's a complicated character.....


  1. I got a pic of cookie monster it?

    he had a bowl of fruits in front of him...

  2. Yes,please.Pretty please,with a cherry on top:)

  3. i always envied hi ability to secure cookies and eat them when he wanted...although i ate mine a bit more gracefully than he...

  4. lol @ g-nigeriana - what you say we give her a keyboard for xmas?

  5. oh my goodness... i am sha awaiting the thesis on miss piggy, because i agree she had issues....