Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reach Out And Touch Someone

Either I'm becoming a real softy,or this is something special.Tell me what you think.Meantime,I think I'm going to go hug someone.

Music by Sick Puppies "All The Same".


  1. awwwww that was so sweet, but Nine, hope you remember you are a black guy...moving close to anyone is considered dangerouse movement.

    Hope you dont get beaten shitless...

  2. To be honest, I teared up a lil' bit when he receives the first hug...

    That's so sweet... and the music is so poignant...

    (but as a side note, yes you are becoming a softie. :))

  3. Nine,you bastard.
    i was all set to rip you on your youtube addiction...
    thanks for the video,man.
    its always good to know i still have a soft side.
    find that mp3 or never come back.

  4. @afrobabe
    I hear you o.I just wish it wasn't one of those things only a white guy could pull off.Imagine trying this in Lag...

    @ms sula
    It's okay,I teared up too.Which is oddly comforting;I was beginning to think I'd forgotten how to.Just don't tell anyone.I've got a rep.

    Youtube is Crack Central:one of the fastest ways of killing a slow day I've come across.And I have far too many memories keyed to particular songs.Anyway,glad to share:)

    Welcome back *Hugs*

  5. I saw this somewhere once. Its sad really how fast paced and complicated our lives are that we can't even hug people anymore or take the time t be nice even in the smallest way.

    I have taught my children to say 'Thank You' at a drop of a hat and my oldest 2 are 4 and 2, yet, grown people don't know how to say thank you when I hold the door open for them. Lord have mercy.

    Anyway, how you dey? Did you go give someone a hug? Who? =)

  6. @solomonsydelle
    That would be telling;)

  7. i feel they're all crazy, but it looks like fun

  8. unfortunately cldnt open the video (office runs), but i read ur post hiza makura(yea?) and sex, couldnt help laffing.

    been seeing ur comments around and decided to drop by.first time here.

  9. Im getting a shirt made saying 'free hugs' do you think anyone would dare hug me?