Friday, May 9, 2008

Music Video Friday I :The Case of The Jedi Wannabe

I use my music as a weapon-Disturbed.

In honour of my first Music Video Friday,I present Obiwon singing "Onyinye".Agreed,the guy's sunglasses no make am,the acting sucked and the babe used the wrong shade of lipstick.Still,a nice song.

And just for Freaksho,the original video for my previous post.It's Sick Puppies,singing "All The Same".


  1. firsssstttttt!!!

    Obiwon sang that song? omg thank youuuuu, ive been having sleepless nights trying to find out who sang it.heard it on the radio one night..thought it was djinee or sumin, the thing was kinda soundin like ego....anywhooo

  2. Nice one mate.keep the goodness coming.