Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tag,I'm it.

I'm it,courtesy Freaksho.So,six unspectacular quirks of mine, and then I can share the love.Rather like a communicable disease,don't you think?Anyway,here goes:

1)When I'm contemplative,I suck my tongue.I also cover my left ear with my left arm or shoulder. I have been doing this for as long as I remember,despite maternal efforts to....cure me.I suspect the Freudians out here could write theses on the implications.Moving on...

2)I like trivia.Distance to Alpha Centauri?4 lightyears.Capital city of Outer Mongolia?Ullan Bator.I'm nowhere near that Jennings fellow,but I like to think I can hold my own.

3)I love books.I have read a lot in my time,from fiction through autobiogaphies to war stories,but still mainly fiction,specifically science fiction and fantasy.I've even read romance(M&B,Silhouette,Harlequin) when I had nothing better around.The quality of your bookshelf is a factor in whether I respect your opinions or not.

4)People bore me.Too many people lose their sense of wonder by the time they're ten.Too many people believe education is what you do to get a degree.Too many people stop reading when they finish school.And far too many people are too self involved to actually enjoy the world around them.

5)I have a temper.Buried deep and hedged around with row after row of inhibition and warnings of the cost of anger,but it's there.I've lived the term "blinding rage".Add that to a mule headed stubborness,and there is potential for....incidents.Thankfully,they're pretty rare.

6)Makeup fascinates me.The whole process of applying warpaint has always been interesting to watch.The results are almost as interesting,and often provides unintended amusement;anybody remember the false eyebrow craze?

Okay,I think that's enough show and tell for one afternoon.Next up:Icequeen,Syd , Afrobabe and Hengish.Your turn.


  1. OH MY DAYS!! I too am a trivia-ist!!I knew the answer was Ullan Bator!-knew that since i was six!Whats the biggest island in the world and what is the smallest country in the world??
    I do agree with you on books- but i am not particularly keen on reading non-academic books!my house is stacked with books on physics, chemistry, maths and biology and thanks to me a beautiful shelf of Economics and finance related books- i even have a book about how to read the FT!Is it the world of physics, understanding physics,patterns in physics,nuclear decommissioning, waste management and environmental remediation?There is the odd childrens book-ie Dickens,Wordsworth and Marlowe!Nice blog...

  2. Biggest island in the world?Madagascar.Smallest country?Vatican City.

    I passed through a phase where the fastest way to make me read a book was to tell me I didn't have to.Academic books:not so much.Except for biology.And nuclear physics;I like things that go boom:)

    Glad you like the place;my ego can always use the reinforcement:)

  3. addict...not so much for trivia...

    and war paint huh? lol! hate to burst your bubble though..the crazy eyebrow phase is far from over (ooh, youve inspired a post..sorta),its like the surprised expression army out to get you..sheesh..eyebrows were not designed to be at a 45 degre angle!!

  4. i USED to suck my tongue too....
    i have a temper too....
    yea makeup...oh the transformation.....
    its pple who talk too much that bore me....

  5. @ibiluv
    I don't mind the talking.It's the self-absorption that drives me crazy.

    @tha bossmack topsoil

    You mean people still do THAT?Oh brother...

  6. Your quirks match (the glimpse) of personality that comes through the blog...

    And I'm a Jeopardy-obsessed chick myself... I would have proposed to Ken Jennings if the opportunity presented itself... Lol!

    And I really love how your opinion of people is made through their bookshelves... Really it does tell a lot (for me add to that their musical inspirations and their movie tastes and we're in business).

    Fun one.

  7. Jeopardy was my 7pm show for the longest time (when i still watched tv)...and u like makeup too?

    lets be best friends and go makeup shopping!

  8. @bumight
    Only if I can bring a camera:)