Monday, May 12, 2008

This Is Why Being Short Sucks

For Hengish, courtesy of Stuffblackpeoplehate.


  1. i dont quite get this gist, is Pdiddy short? if he is, is that why he can stare at boobs all day long? and if that's true, what's wrong wiv that?

    i woulda thot being able to stare at boobs is what men love.

  2. PD is about 5'11 and he can only just manage to do so.AND he got caught!

    Someone about 6'3 wouldn't have been.A minimum of 6 inches height difference is required for optimal viewing distance AND plausible deniability ie if he was taller,he could have claimed he was looking down at her face!

    Admittedly,Jessica Biel was probably wearing heels:)

  3. lmao. damn! leave it 2 camera men 2 catch things they shouldn't. ewu oh. am so embarrassed 4 diddy

  4. @ Florida: Embarassed?
    I'm jealous!!

    @ nine.
    Lovely picture.
    There are advantages to being short though.
    I just havent figured out what they are yet.

  5. i'm not tall...just average...5 10 actually...they say short = small jimmy...
    not me though :D

  6. damn diddy! keep them eyes up

  7. hmmmm...I wanted to comment on the pic...but is Toochi advertising??????????