Saturday, July 5, 2008

Music Video Friday 4 Weekend Edition:Being What You Want MeTo Be

And the word of the day is wigga.Try as I might,I can't find a similar term for Nigerians guilty of the same crime.You know,the brand name wearing,"men"spouting,Tupac-quoting,money blowing characters who try to act as "hood"(and by this I mean black American 'hood)as possible,becoming in effect caricatures of the people they try to ape.It's particularly funny when said fellows are wearing obvious knockoffs and blowing money you know they are going to need for breakfast tomorrow.A little less so when they hit you up for a loan.Most grow out of it.The others starve to death:)

I'm gonna cheat here:I could not find a video for this song so I'll just put up the audio.This is the Numb/Encore remix featuring Dr Dre,Eminem and 50 Cent.

And just because I love this song,here's the original Numb piano piece by a fellow called TheKen.Enjoy.


  1. Love the song...has a real dance feel to some point you seem to hear

  2. wating for the meme......waiting...

    ooh and i luvv numb...and the love of that song has caused yawa on my own meme lol

  3. @afrobabe
    Nas?I think that might be the fifty cent bit...

    True word.