Sunday, July 13, 2008

Music Video Friday The Extremely Late Edition:When Silly Is Also Happy

I almost forgot to put this up.

The guy's name is Matt Harding;he's one of these oyibos that somehow manage to get away with working very little for at least part of their lives and still manage to keep an apartment,a girlfriend and a semblance of a social life.(If anyone ever figures out how,drop me a line.)

Anyhoo,he travels the world,does a funny dance on camera,and puts them up on the Net.For which I say thank you,because the latest video brings a smile to my face.Maybe it will to you too.This is the 2008 version.The soundtrack is a song called Praan.Just goes to show white people can't dance,but they can have fun:).Enjoy.


  1. saw it a couple of days ago...actually made me laugh...

  2. this is wacky! & so entertaining!!!!

    @ afro: y u dey always first me 4 dis blog eh!!! go update, abeg

  3. you'd think he'd lose some of that gut with all the jumping

  4. Yup, at the end of the day what everybody wants is to dance and be merry...

    His miles must be out of this world!.... *dying of envy*

  5. @afro
    I was smiling on and off for the rest of the day.

    We try:)

    I suspect if that gut would be worse without the exercise...

    @ms sula
    You and me both