Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prenups Are Not Enough

Now this is a WTF moment.She actually sued? and WON?Granted,the guy sounds like something of an asshole,but how did she actually win a lawsuit citing breach of contract for a broken engagement?I can understand suing for wedding expenses(apparently,in the US it's traditional for the bride and/or her family to pay for the wedding) but THIS?Haba.And I suspect that in this case at least the guy probably bore the expenses,being (apparently) quite well off.

So to summarize,guy lost $150k + $30k(he gave her to pay off HER credit card debts)+2 karat engagement ring.At a minimum. The sad part is,this is probably a bargain compared to a divorce.Only in America.


  1. Nahh...Its not a WTF moment. If it was in Nigeria, the lady's grandma would've done something called "go see for inside bottle" or even cursed him while naked. This "promise" involved loss of income, and moving to a different state. Its big.

  2. Actually in English Law a woman can sue a man for breach of promise to marry.

    The reason is not to do with money or wedding expenses.

    In England of Old when a lady got engaged it was published in the newspaper so that meant off - limits for other suitors. If he breached his promise other possible suitors would have moved on and she may never get married becasue in those times the age band for marraige was between 18 - 22 or there abouts.

    A note of warning to men! These two stories am about to narrate are true and the characters are still alive.

    Story 1: Lady now lives in England was proposed to and her husband to-be married someone else. He never got promoted at his job and has been at the same spot living in the same dingy flat for 10 years and his wife has left him with 4 children. Lady moved on and is a single mother and has a thriving business in London.

    Story 2. Lady lives in South Africa. Husband to-be never came through, he married someone else and is still trying to find his feet. Wife to-be is married lives in South Africa and her hsuband is doing very well.

    Never ask a woman to marry you if you do not really want to marry her. Women take this very seriously.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonders shall never end. Natures gentle touch is right by saying it's not good to make an empty promise.

    Life ocurrences are making a lot of pple become so smart in not being at a lose end.

    Well, I hope for a better society

  4. that'd only happen over there...
    she'll prolly have more than one toaster so no

  5. @archiwiz
    Trust me,if na for Naija,countermeasures boku,for both sides.
    Thing is,she moved IN with him(his house) and had him pay off most of her credit card debt.He did not compel her to move;long distance relationships happen.He did not compel her to take a job that pays less than half her old one;she did so of her own free will.Add the fact that he owned the house,paid for their holidays and (it seems)the wedding expenses and I'm having a real problem seeing her case.And the precedent is horrendous;she didn't even return the $30k or the engagement ring.Moral case?Yes.Legal?No.

    She has every right to feel aggrieved,but it's like the trophy wife with the rich,cheating husband:he may be a scumbag,but it doesn't entitle you to 50%.

    @nature's gentle touch
    I'm not very conversant with English Law,but what you describe has some logic behind it,even if it was blatantly discriminatory.It doesn't apply in this case,where the plaintiff is a forty-some divorcee with a career,whose youngest kid's in college.She is n't a naive girl.

    We all hope for one.The behavior of both sides in this case aren't helping.


    I disagree.