Friday, July 18, 2008

Music Video Friday 5:Stereotyping

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

Ever categorized people by music?Try it.I used to.Time was,you could tell the testosterone poisoned by the size and composition of their CD collections.Tupac,Notorious BIG,Dre,Nas,JayZ,50 Cent,The Game;if their CD collection had these artistes in greater than 75%,the guy was often a victim of testosterone poisoning,which often resulted in expenditure of large amounts of time,money and electricity maintaining the requisite "image".Side effects included going into debt and drinking garri for dinner.

Then there were the Celine Dion addicts.Often characterized by an infatuation with Indian movies and South American telenovellas,they exhibited tendencies straight out of a Meg Ryan flick.Needless to say,they were(mostly)female.Usually Toni Braxton fans as well.Often responsible for the drinking garri state of the testosterone poisoned.

There were also the people who bought Kenny Rogers albums(dry),Mary Mary(churchalicious),Enya&Tracy Chapman(pushovers),pop(bourgeois),and rock(weirdos).

I suspect it still (largely)holds true.The specific musicians may have changed,but the core themes remain.Issues of masculinity,of expectations,of rebellion.That and people just being pricks:).You all have a lovely weekend.

From a Greek brother called Nicolas Georgakis.If you don't enjoy this,you have no soul.


  1. Loll!

    Your wry humor is just what the doctor ordered on a dreary Monday morning.

    I (mostly) agree with thatclassification, but there is another group you didn't mention: The Avant-Garde.... And I believe I belong to that one. :)

    I am sure there is a Nigerian lady breaking the heart of our Greek 9nice.

    Have a good week.

  2. d boy try sha. tried witht he yoruba and stayed in tune